2021-2022 Season

american stage 2021-2022

Commitment to EDI in our casting

At American Stage, we see the empty space as an opportunity for social change & civilized discourse to occur –one of the few sacred places left in a far too noisy, often divided, world where human beings can still sit in the quiet dark together, think a while, & be awakened. To gain a richer connection to the fragility of beauty & pain that exists in all art & life.

Theater of, by, and for all people. Artist-driven, radically inclusive, and fundamentally democratic. Through artistic excellence and the craft of storytelling, American Stage is committed to creating a safe space for multicultural artists to share their full humanity, as we come back to the theatre at this exciting but challenging time. We choose to create a new American Stage that enriches and embodies the rich diversity and cultural tapestry of America and truly reflects the American experience.


American Stage is seeking Equity and Non-Equity actors for our upcoming production of Green Day's American Idiot.

About American Stage

Since 1977 American Stage has been dedicated to telling meaningful, compelling stories with integrity and professionalism. As the Tampa Bay area’s longest-running, most critically-acclaimed professional theatre company, we seek to bring the power of quality live theatre to each generation in our community.

As we move into our next exciting era, American Stage is committed to being a vital arts leader and contributing to the cultural landscape of the Tampa Bay region as we pursue innovative programming and deeper connections with our patrons and community partners.  Because we believe that live theatre can connect us to our world and to one another, we aspire to make the experience of world-class theatre accessible to all.

American Stage invites you to lean forward and experience the most captivating stories of the moment and the most relevant stories of the past.  All told with passion and a commitment to excellence.

Green Day’s American Idiot

Music By: Green Day
Lyrics By: Billie Joe Armstrong
Book By: Billie Joe Armstrong & Michael Mayer
Directed By: Gavin Hawk
Musical Direction: Juan Rodriguez
Choreographed: Deanna Dys

Rehearsals Run August 16-September 4th, 2022
Dress Run & Previews September 6th-8th, 2022
Performances Run September 9-October 2022

The two-time Tony Award-winning hit musical “Green Day's American Idiot" boldly goes where the American musical has never gone before. Three friends struggling to find meaning in a post-9/11 world find themselves on drastically different paths. They must choose between duty, family, love, addiction, and brotherhood.


Equity and Non-Equity performers for PRINCIPAL roles in American Stage’s season opener GREEN DAY’S AMERICAN IDIOT.

All artists performing at American Stage are required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. “Fully vaccinated,” as defined by the CDC, is more than 14 calendar days following receipt of a final dose of an FDA or World Health Organization authorized or approved vaccine.


Email submissions to with the subject: AMERICAN IDIOT - Actor Name - Character name

SEE PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS IN BREAKDOWN. Please submit ONE PDF of your headshot/resume along with your video submission (as an Unlisted YouTube or Vimeo link). SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED 9am EDT on 6/16/2022 to 6pm EDT on 6/21/2022.

Anything sent outside of the range will not be viewed.

Preparations Instructions

Please submit the following to Details for each clip are below. Slate your name at the top of the audition & upload as an Unlisted YouTube or Vimeo link. Artists of all backgrounds and cultural identities are encouraged to submit.

One monologue using the lyrics of any Green Day song of your choice. Do not sing the monologue!

Your song submission for the character you desire to be considered for. Sheet music and accompaniment tracks provided in the links below.

Please submit ONE PDF of your headshot/resume. Any other format will not be accepted.

*NOTE: Movement and Choreography will be involved in video callbacks. Full details will be provided up invitation to callback.

Equity and Non-Equity performers for roles in American Stage’s season opener GREEN DAY’S AMERICAN IDIOT.


Note from Director: This is a punk rock opera, so don’t hold back in your auditions. We want to see strong emotions - show us your rage, your fear, your joy, your grief, all of your passion!


Johnny - the guy who goes to the city; the Jesus of Suburbia

The self-proclaimed "Jesus of Suburbia." Bored of his do-nothing, go-nowhere existence, he takes off for the city to get a new lease on life. He wages an inner war between a budding love for Whatsername and growing dependency on St. Jimmy and drugs. Guitar skills are a plus. Vocal range B4/B2

Tunny - the guy who goes to the city and the Middle East

Johnny's friend who follows him to the city and eventually enlists in the army. He travels to the Middle East. A lost dreamer who is easily swayed, first by Johnny's ideas and then by patriotism and the American Dream. Vocal Range B4/D3

Will -  the guy that stays home in suburbia

Johnny's friend. He ends up staying in Suburbia with his pregnant girlfriend Heather. The more he stays on the couch, the more he becomes slowly disconnected from the world and his own relationships. Guitar skills a plus. Vocal Range  A4/C#3

St. Jimmy - a city badass. Johnny’s alter ego (androgynous/non-binary)

Johnny's alter ego. Known as the "city badass." An enigmatic and charismatic enabler who gets Johnny addicted to drugs and grows jealous of his relationship with Whatsername. Vocal Range B4/C3

Heather - a girl in suburbia. Will’s girlfriend

She discovers she is pregnant but has difficulty telling her boyfriend of the news. Once she settles down with him, she struggles to maintain their relationship with his despondency and eventually leaves him. Vocal Range E5/A3

Whatsername -  a girl in the city

A rebel activist--fierce, strong, and capable--who falls for Johnny. She fights to have him embrace their authentic relationship rather than pursue his addiction.Vocal Range D#5/F#3

Extraordinary Girl - a girl in the Middle East

Haunting, folk noir voice. A girl in the Middle East who appears as a hallucination to injured Tunny. Attractive and mysterious, she later appears as his nurse and accompanies him home after the war. Vocal Range E5/A#3

Ensemble - 5-7 people

A collection of men, women, non-binary individuals to play a variety of characters.

Audition Form

Audition Sheet Music & Accompaniment Tracks

Movement Clip

Frequently asked questions

Does American Stage hire non-equity actors?

Yes. We work with both Equity and Non-Equity professional actors.

What is your AEA contract?

American Stage operates under the SPT Tier 7 contract on our Mainstage and under an LOA Agreement at American Stage in the Park.

When/where do you hold auditions?

Our mainstage season auditions are held in June each year, with musical auditions (for American Stage in the Park and any mainstage musicals) held in December. We may hold supplemental auditions & callbacks throughout the year as needed. Additionally, American Stage attends the Florida Professional Theatre Association (FPTA) and Tampa Bay Unified annual season auditions. We have no current plans to hold auditions in NYC.

I just auditioned for you. When will I hear back?

It depends on a lot of factors. Our goal is to cast shows at least three months in advance of first rehearsal, though we may not always achieve it. After a general season audition, we’ll bring people in at various times for individual show callbacks. After a show-specific audition or callback, we may cast the piece right away, or may still be looking to see other actors, depending on what we still need. Casting is a puzzle. We need to balance our AEA/Non-AEA ratio, locals vs. out-of-town actors, and 100 other factors to get just the right group of people to help us tell powerful stories. Once final casting decisions have been made, we’ll put a post up on this page.

I’m an out of town actor who is visiting St. Petersburg. I’d love to audition – is that possible?

The answer will most often be no, since a drop-in audition requires the availability of multiple people and scheduling of rooms, but you can always ask! Send an email to DO plan to at least stop by the theatre and take a look at our space.

I missed your season call – can I still be considered?

Possibly. Please fill out the audition form below and tell us specifically what you’d like to be considered for, and submit a video audition by following the guidelines below.

Audition Form

I am a local actor with a day job. Can I still be considered?

American Stage makes a purposeful effort to hire local actors and artists, in order to support our community and its overall artistic presence. As a professional theatre, however, we do rehearse during the day, and only rarely are we able to work around another schedule.

What is your rehearsal schedule?

Typically, for the first two weeks of any given show, we rehearse during the day (10am-6pm). After that, we’ll normally transition into afternoon & evening rehearsals (2pm-10pm), followed by a full week of tech, where hours can vary between just evenings to full 10-out-of-12 days. During opening week, there will be rehearsals in the afternoon prior to evening showtimes, and there will always be at least one brush-up rehearsal the Wednesday after opening.

Do you provide housing for out-of-town actors?

Yes. American Stage has a limited number of housing spots available to out-of-town artists.