2024/2025 Season

Powerful stories. boldly told.

In The Park!

Ring of Fire

September 25 - October 20, 2024

A toe-tapping tribute to the Man in Black. 

Picture this: it's a hot summer night in the heart of the American South. The air is thick with anticipation as the stage lights dim and the first chords of a familiar tune ring out. That's the scene set for 'Ring of Fire,' the jukebox musical that'll take you on a wild ride through the music of one of America's most iconic singer-songwriters, Johnny Cash. Through a series of vignettes, you'll witness the highs and lows of life in 20th century rural America — the struggles, the triumphs, the loves lost and found. Though he is never impersonated, Johnny Cash’s remarkable life story is told through his music, climaxing in a concert that will both move and exhilarate! You won’t be able to resist singing along. 

In The Park!

The Mountaintop

November 6 - November 24, 2024

A story about doubt, faith, and history in the making. 

It’s April 3, 1968, and you're in Room 306 of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. It's the final night in the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and things are about to get real. In "The Mountaintop," see Dr. King as you've never seen him before as he reflects on his life, struggles, and hopes for the future. But he's not alone—enter Camae, the sassy and mysterious hotel maid with a lot to say. Through poignant dialogue and powerful monologues, "The Mountaintop" offers a humanizing portrayal of King, revealing the man behind the myth and highlighting the complexities of his life and work.

In The Park!

Wonderful Life

December 5-22, 2024

A heartwarming 75-minute one-person retelling of the classic holiday story.
George Bailey’s struggle to grasp why life is worth living finds a fresh voice in this imaginative one-person retelling of Frank Capra’s classic film It’s a Wonderful Life. Join the residents of Bedford Falls, New York on a fateful Christmas Eve in 1945 when angels, alternate realities and miracles change the way we see our place in the world. Wonderful Life is a heartwarming story about the effect one man’s sacrifices have on the people and town he loves.

In The Park!

This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing

January 22 - February 9, 2025

A story that celebrates sisterhood and embraces adventure. 

In this modern fairytale, three sisters, left abandoned, take charge of their own destinies. The eldest, Albienne, heads West to show the world what she’s made of. Beatrix, the middle sister, heads East in search of adventure. Then there’s Carmen, the youngest, who finds comfort in staying put. As the years roll by, each new experience comes with a new lesson, a new perspective, and maybe even a little bit of magic. A heartwarming tale about sisterhood, courage, and the beauty of embracing life's twists and turns with an open heart.

In The Park!


March 26 - April 27, 2025

A groovy love letter to counterculture.

Step into a time machine and land smack dab in the middle of the 1960s—the era of flower power, protests, and free love. As the Vietnam War rages on and the civil rights movement heats up, the Tribe, a group of young hippies, is right in the thick of it. Through catchy tunes like "Aquarius" and "Let the Sunshine In," they belt out their hopes for peace, love, and freedom while sticking it to the man. "Hair" isn't just about the music or the protests—it's about the power of community, the strength of love, and the belief that change starts from within. Grab your tie-dye shirts and get ready to groove, because "Hair" is one wild ride you won't soon forget!

In The Park!

Fat Ham

May 28 - June 22, 2025

A tale of power, betrayal, and the search for justice.

Shakespeare's "Hamlet" gets a modern-day makeover, complete with a new setting in a vibrant African American community called "The Hill." "Hamlet" is now "J-Boy," who’s dealing with the aftermath of his dad’s untimely death. But here's the twist: J-Boy's not buying the official story of how his old man met his end. Cue the drama, the intrigue, and the quest for truth. J-Boy's not alone in this whirlwind of emotions. His mom, Gertrude, is torn between her loyalty to her late husband and her newfound thing with his brother, Uncle C. Then there's O, our Ophelia, who's not your typical damsel in distress—she's a force to be reckoned with. With dynamic characters, thought-provoking themes, and gripping storytelling, "Fat Ham" is more than just a retelling—it's a whole new experience that'll leave you seeing "Hamlet" in a new light.