American Stage embraces equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) as guiding principles in our art form. Our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Plan seeks to advance these principles by articulating our values, establishing specific goals, committing to tangible actions and providing a source of accountability in this work. A council of community members, staff, artists and trustees will provide ongoing input, support and evaluation of the execution of this plan. The outcome will be continued progress toward an even more inclusive cultural institution that reflects the rich diversity of our community and cultivates an environment where all feel that they belong.

EDI Commitments at American Stage

  1. Develop and maintain a Board of Trustees reflecting the diversity of our community and with a commitment to ongoing progress in bringing an anti-racism and EDI ethos and practices to its governance role.
  2. Engage in hiring practices that build a staff that is reflective of the diversity of the community we serve and ensure that a culture of inclusivity and anti-racism is embraced among Staff members throughout the organization.
  3. Consistently and intentionally produce programming throughout the organization that includes characters, stories and themes that reflect a powerful diversity of perspectives and experiences.
  4. Invest in and foster authentic engagement with BIPOC communities, build trust among diverse artists, audiences and community partners and establish American Stage as a community center where all feel a sense of belonging.
  5. Establish, maintain and communicate code of conduct practices, policies and accountabilities to deepen cultural competency throughout all aspects of the organization’s operations.
  6. Remove barriers to access of American Stage programs, employment opportunities, Board of Trustees participation and education and community engagement experiences.
  7. Enhance opportunities for and deepen American Stage’s community of diverse artists and foster a consistently safe, culturally competent environment.
  8. Build and strengthen community partnerships with aligned EDI priorities and produce educational programming featuring a range of inclusive content that builds outreach opportunities informed by the specific needs of our partners.
  9. Deliver quality, culturally competent arts education experiences that inspire a sense of community for all involved, led by teaching artists who reflect the diversity of our community.

We Stand Together

American Stage condemns racism, hatred, and injustice and affirms unequivocally that Black lives matter. We are deeply disturbed by the continued assaults of bigotry and senseless violence perpetrated against Black individuals in America.

We know, too, that we must do better and we must do more to be accountable in our role in challenging systemic and insidious racism. Change has been too slow. We must demand more of ourselves and of one another as we strive to make a positive impact in cultivating a society where love and respect and opportunity are not offered on condition of the color of one's skin.

American stage is committed to listening, to learning and to acting in support of a more just world.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Council Members

Co-Chairs: Renee Baker and Reverend Kenneth Irby

Brian Balcom
L. Peter Callender
Kellys Camacho-Robinson
Kristin Clippard
Alexandria Crawford
Renata Eastlick
Tiffany Ford
Claudette Fornuto
Elizabeth Gelman
Fanni Green
Stephanie Gularte
Rachel Harrison
Elizabeth Halstead
Patrick A. Jackson
Jenny Lester
Sadie Lockhart
Mattie Mingst
Jonathan Perez
Robyn Rusignuolo
Dee Selmore
Vi Tran
Steven Walker
Donovan Whitney

American Stage Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan:  2021-2023

American Stage’s equity, diversity and inclusion strategic plan is the result of a process that included multiple sources of input and information, including focus groups, multiple training sessions, surveys, study of resources and many conversations and listening sessions.  The board of trustees of American Stage established the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee, which acts as the steering committee in the formation and implementation of this plan, with the significant input and oversight of a 25-member Council.

The body of the American Stage Diversity and Inclusion plan establishes specific goals, actions and measurable outcomes for our progress toward these core commitments over the next three years. While much of the work articulated in this plan has been and continues to be underway at American Stage, the intention is to provide a tangible mechanism for defining and expanding on this work with greater specificity and with ongoing accountability through tangible, more accelerated and more impactful practices and actions that are attached to measurable results. The role of the Diversity and Inclusion Council is instrumental in providing ongoing support of and accountability to this plan through a transparent review process and honest dialogue that promotes continued growth in this work. Using this plan as a dynamic tool, the intention is for the American Stage Board of Trustees and Staff, along with the Diversity and Inclusion Council to establish a model of collaboration that inspires meaningful and sustainable change leading to a healthier, more equitable, and more inclusive community and industry.