Art Matters

American Stage's journey  began in 1977. A passionate collective of artists and artisans shared a vision of bringing powerful stories to life for Tampa Bay.  

What makes American Stage special is our mission to touch the hearts and minds of all who engage with us.

This is why we share stories. This is why art matters. And this is why your support is critical.

When we all engage with our hearts, our minds and one another, we form a stronger community.  This is what you preserve when you support American Stage. 

Please consider making a gift today – continue the journey with us.

Art Matters because it reminds us we are human. Storytelling is our oldest tradition and sharing stories is what bonds us

Avery Anderson

Art Matters because it is a way to cope with our own realities and express ourselves.

Jana Henson

Art helps us connect with one another and become better humans. It reminds us of the universal human experience.

Jessy Julianna

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Why Art Matters: Looking to American Stage’s Past & Present

Why does art matter? Hear from three American Stage artists on why art matters to them.

Meet Carter

What makes American Stage special is our mission to touch the hearts and minds for generations of theatre enthusiasts. Meet Carter, the next generation of art makers. 

Preserve the Journey

Art Matters, but not without you. As the year comes to a close, we want to thank you for allowing us to share our stories with you, and invite you to support another year of powerful stories, boldly told.